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Why I Work A Four Day Week

30 Mar

I heartily agree with Bertrand Russell regarding the arbitrary nature of the five day working week and the sooner we break out of this the better for society. He writes far more eloquently that I in describing why I think it’s such a no-brainer to work part time. I recommend reading his essay In Praise Of Idleness.

Also, given he smokes a pipe with such aplomb, it adds much weight to his erudite words.

Billy Bragg, in his book on what makes England so great, describes well the struggle of the trade unions which ensured that people no longer have to work 12 hour days, seven days a week in terrible conditions. Our forebears worked such horrendously long hours so we should be grateful for the conditions we have today. That said, we shouldn’t let up: there’s still a way to go before we escape the drudgery of having to work for so much of our short lives.


The Progressive Patriot by Billy Bragg

29 Mar

With so much negativity about being English around these days, it’s nice to read a book like this.

Bragg’s basic tenet is that as a people we’ve been getting more egalitarian and that’s why we should be proud.

I didn’t realise how autobiographical the book was, and I found that a bit tiresome as I’m not a groupy, rather I’m interested in his take on what it is to be English. The important bits could have been compacted into a long essay and would have had the same effect on me.

However, some of the history is interesting and backs up his main point.

Worth a read if nationality is something of interest.

See this post for more reviews of books on being english.

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