An Unfebuckinglievable Review

18 Dec

My blog has been going strong for most of 2012 so, in keeping with tradition, here is a small selection of the best posts of the year.

The good thing is, as well as being the most popular, these posts are my favourites too.


Offence and Censorship

The most popular post of the year, describing why I get so annoyed when people use the offence argument to silence views they don’t like.

Nature – It’s Good Isn’t It?

A fun rant about the stupidity of asserting that something is good because it’s “natural”.

Does Knowledge Diminish Beauty And Awe?

People often make the assertion that understanding how something works somehow removes its magic. Here I say why that is so dumb.

My Story (Burning Flesh)

A little story I wrote to make clear my contempt for the disgusting message at the centre of a certain belief system.

Islam – The Untold Story by Tom Holland

I’ve been getting a lot more hits from the middle east after reviewing this documentary questioning the origins of Islam. Here’s the overview of a debate I went to on the same subject.

Bounce by Matthew Syed

The most popular book review of the year in which the ex-table tennis champion Matthew Syed explains that talent is not innate.

The Conquest of Happiness by Bertrand Russell

In this book Bertrand Russell gives an incisive view of what makes us happy.

Tube Talk

Remembering the time a chap foolishly tried to convert me. Bit of a shame I had to leave him when I did as I was only warming up – I’m not sure how his faith would have managed if I’d have had some more time with him.



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